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Fence Parts To Buy

Jenn Smith

Posted on April 09 2020

Looking over fence supplies can be tedious; confusion; and just downright nerve wrecking. As a DIY'er, it shouldn't be this complicated to assemble a garden fence, right? While we recommend buying a fence kit - complete with everything needed to install a deer fence - fence installers can shop a la carte for fence parts. Here's what is needed to get started:

Step 1. Choose height of fence and fence mesh. This will depend on several factors: Is deer damage an issue? Are there other garden critters devouring plants? Are there bigger problems outside of deer and rabbits such as bears; jaguars; and coyotes? The answer will determine whether a plastic or metal fence is needed for installation. 

Step 2. Ground sleeves will be required. Ground sleeves are the starting point for fence installation. Ground sleeves keep fencing stable in the ground. They usually come with fence posts. Keep reading...

Step 3. Fence posts. There are different types of fence posts on the market; and while the traditional deer fence uses heavy duty line posts, there are also angle steel posts for sale; wooden posts and even trees that can be used as posts. 

Step 4. Fence stakes are recommended to keep away digging animals. Fence stakes are available in kinked or rebar construction; and the type used will depend on the land (soil).

Step 5. Fence tensioning is recommended for homeowners residing in areas with heavy wind gusts or those that have trees around the deer fence. Fence tension wire keeps the fence strong at the top and prevents deer from jumping into gardens - if the fence mesh is drooping between line posts. 

Step 6. Deer warning banners. These white deer flags are placed in the middle of the fence to tell deer "hey, there's a structure here. I better not run into it!"

As we said, for homeowners that haven't installed a yard fence before, it's best to eliminate the confusion all together of what deer fence supplies to buy and just shop for a deer fence kit that fits budgets and needs.