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Feral Hog Management Tips

Jennifer Smith

Posted on March 07 2019

Wild hogs are not like normal pigs. These "bulldozers" are nasty animals that account for over $1.5 billion in agricultural losses each year. They are predatory animals to livestock animals, including newborn cattle and goats, and they feed on plant matter. 

Wild pigs are stalky animals but they are packed with a lot of punch. They sit at only 2-4' feet high but generally weigh up to 200 pounds. Some harvested feral pigs have weighed even up to 1000 pounds! They can run up to 30 mph; jump over fences 2-3 feet tall; and can climb walls up to 5-6 feet high.

The best type of fence for feral pig management is an electric fence or woven wire fence mainly used for farm animals such as cows. Don't even think about a plastic fence or a low grade metal fence for wild hog management. These nasty creatures require the strongest type of fence on the market: Fixed Knot (also known as solid lock fencing).