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Get Deer Off Golf Courses

Jennifer Smith

Posted on August 14 2018

A recent video recorded out of South Carolina shows a deer herd stopping on a golf course to watch a large gator take a stroll.

While the video is moving, and somewhat humorous, there are a lot of issues that must be raised including the fact that...there are wild animals on the golf course! This National Golf Month, golf course owners should consider implementing deer management strategies. Here's what they should know.

Deer rub their antlers on trees

Deer cause tree damage beginning in fall to shed the dried-out velvet from their antlers. This action leads to unsightly trees with damage to bark. To prevent deer damage to trees, golf course managers should wrap trees with protective mesh. 

Keep deer off the green

There really is no reason why deer should be playing on the green. They are interfering with games and are more of a distraction for golf players. Install deer fencing around the perimeter of golf courses to rid all types of wildlife...including that 12 foot long alligator!

Keep wildlife away from golf courses this August during National Golf Month!