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Ground Sleeve Installation

Jenn Smith

Posted on March 27 2020

Installing ground sleeves is the first step when working on a DIY deer fence. Like any DIY project, there are some tricks, tips and tools that are required for successful installation. Here is what is needed of installers to properly install ground sleeves for the deer fence. 

First things first, a sledgehammer is recommended for installation. With just a few swings, the ground sleeve will gently pound into the ground without tearing up the grass.

Before using that sledgehammer, add a driver cap to the top of the ground sleeve. Driver caps are available for 1 3/8" posts and 1 5/8" posts. They serve to keep the ground sleeve from mushrooming out; so fence posts can easily slide into ground sleeves (the next step in installation).  

Driver caps and sledgehammers will make the job quick and effortless.