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How High For Deer Fencing?

Jennifer Smith

Posted on March 12 2019

Looking at the different types of fence for deer management can be overwhelming; but the first question most buyers ask is "How high should deer fencing be to rid deer from gardens?" 

The best height deer fence is 7.5-8' feet high. The reason for this is simple: Deer have poor daytime vision, 20/100 in fact; and if they aren't sure what's on the other side of the fence, they are less likely to jump over it. Vision gets blurry after 7' feet high for a deer; so, it makes sense to go a little higher for garden protection. 

While a 6' foot high fence may be appropriate for coyote control, a deer will be able to clear this height. 

Yes, it's true that deer can jump well over 10 feet high. They are quite graceful animals; but they won't attempt a jump because of poor vision - unless they are sure they can clear the fence.