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How To Rid Rabbits From Gardens

Jennifer Smith

Posted on February 04 2019

Now that the Super Bowl 2019 is over, gardeners can get back to developing a strategy to punt rabbits from yards for good. 

While cute at first glance, rabbits are the second most complained about animal after the white-tailed deer. Rabbits use their teeth as their main weapon to reach gardening areas. A rabbit's teeth will grow 3-5" each year; and to trim the teeth, they will gnaw on hard surfaces (such as fences) to relieve the pressure in their gums. Because teething is their offense, gardeners should not use plastic fencing to keep out rabbits from gardens.

Instead, gardeners will need to install a steel fence with PVC-coating to prevent rabbits from using scissor action on the fence. The PVC will protect the galvanized steel core from rabbit teething and will be used as a secondary layer of protection. Like groundhogs, rabbits dig; and it's recommended to trench the metal rabbit fence at least 6 inches into the ground to block digging attempts to the garden.

Ridding rabbits in the garden can be easy, if gardeners have a defense plan in play.