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Installing Electric Fence

Jennifer Smith

Posted on June 11 2018

Sometimes, enough is enough; and for gardeners experiencing high levels of deer activity in gardens, they may have taken this type of fence into consideration. But, electric baited deer fences aren't just for deer. Here are the other uses for an electric fence in the garden.

Bear Management

Did you know that electric fencing is the only type of fence strong enough to rid bears from gardens? Plastic, and some metal fences, are simply not strong enough for bear control; but with electric fence, bears will leave gardening areas after one or two zaps. 

Secure Chickens

Don't worry, electric fencing will not leave you with fried chicken. Some livestock owners consider installing electric fencing to protect chickens from coyotes and other wildlife predators. For chicken owners that don't want to shock chickens, they can use steel hex web fencing which is a PVC-coated chicken wire.

Cattle Management

While woven wire fence is often used for cattle management, electric fence can also be a good option to secure horses, goats, sheep and pigs. Electric fence is used for large, slow moving animals and will not harm these livestock animals long-term.

Electric Fence Kits require more attention than traditional deer fencing; but are necessary to rid deer, bears and other wildlife animals from gardens.