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Is There a Rabbit Control Fence?

Jenn Smith

Posted on January 15 2020

Rabbits like to eat more than just carrots from vegetable gardens; and for experienced gardeners, they know that bunnies can be a huge pain in the rear. 

Growers that install plastic fencing have noticed that rabbits easily gnaw through the material. After all, bunnies use scissor action to trim down their teeth throughout the year and will use anything from fencing to tree bark to help relieve discomfort. 

For gardeners dealing with rabbit damage in gardens, it is best to install a metal fence with PVC. The PVC-coating acts as a secondary layer of protection against chew marks and will keep the steel core strong and protected for 20+ years. A fence hexagonal in shape or welded, is best for rabbits and other burrowing animals. Fence installers are encouraged to trench the fence into the ground at least 6 inches or skirt the fence at the bottom and stake down the fence. 

Rabbit management is available; and metal fencing can help.