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July's National Parks and Rec Month

Jennifer Smith

Posted on July 01 2019

National parks are rich in scenic views; wildlife and history with over 76000 archaeological sites and 2500 historic landmarks to discover. And when better to explore them but in July!

The National Recreation and Park Association declared July to be National Parks and Recreation Month in 1985; and since then over 330 million visitors come to explore 61 of the U.S. national parks. While there are 418 national park sites comprised in the National Park system, not all are named "National Parks." These national parks are some of the finest in the United States including: Yosemite; Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. 

This July,we encourage outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers to explore some of the U.S. national parks around the country. There are many reasons to visit national parks this summer. For one, July has the best weather of the year for fishing; hiking; swimming and camping - all at a park! 

While parks can be all fun and games; they come with complications from both people and wild animals. Rabbits will eat fallen leaves from trees; while deer will rub their antlers against tree bark at the start of rut season (start of September). Visitors will litter and leave water bottles and trash scattered. Not to mention on-going fires at camp sites.

Do the following this month to get involved with protecting national parks:

  • Recycle
  • Re-use water bottles
  • Reuse bags
  • Pick up trash
  • Share photos of wildlife
  • Conserve landscapes from wildlife damage.
  • Protect wildlife habitats


Visit parks and recreational areas this summer and spread the word about protecting parks from human waste.