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Lone Star Tick Found In New U.S. States

Jennifer Smith

Posted on May 31 2019

The Lone Star Tick, a newer tick species to make headlines, was predominately found in the southeastern part of the United States - until now. 

Now, these type of ticks have expanded their reach and are now found in Minnesota, New Hampshire and New York where 100 cases have been confirmed this year. 

According to ClickOnDetroit , "sweating, sleeplessness and breaking out in hives are just some of the symptoms." However, people care more about the red meat allergy that comes with this tick bite.

According to the CDC, Michigan residents have not been bitten by Lone Star Ticks, however, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. 

Tick disease prevention is a must throughout the year, especially during spring and summer seasons when ticks thrive and bite people and pets more often than in fall and winter. Wear long-sleeved clothes and insect repellents with DEET along with deer fencing to keep away deer - the number one carriers of ticks in the United States.

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