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Most Aggressive Wildlife In Canada

Jennifer Smith

Posted on July 23 2018

CBC News obtained four years of data on calls to conservation officers to report threatening wildlife. The data does not include reported incidents in which the animal's behavior was not considered aggressive. (CBC News)

While many people would think that coyotes, bears and cougars would be problematic, they were surprised to learn that white-tailed deer made the list. Here are the numbers:

  1. Black Bears, 1151
  2. Deer, 406
  3. Coyotes, 380
  4. Cougars, 140
  5. Grizzly Bears, 104
  6. Moose, 78

The reason for the relatively high number of calls involving aggressive deer has less to do with people than their pets, said Mike Badry, a wildlife conflict manager with the B.C. Conservation Officer Service. (CBC News)

In the States, doe have been attacking small dogs; but are less likely to attack humans. The cause may be relating to protecting baby fawns in the spring. To keep pets and humans safe, install a deer fence or pet fence in the yard. 

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