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National Peach Month

Jennifer Smith

Posted on August 02 2018

National Peach Month is a time to explore one of our nation's favorite summer fruits. Although peaches are native to China, California produces 50 percent of America's peaches and grows over 175 varieties for consumption. 

In honor of National Peach Month, let's look at how to grow peaches.

Farmers interested in growing peach trees in a backyard orchard will require patience and a few tools to get started. For starters, peaches do not yield fruit for at least two years; but within 2-5 years, farmers can see up to 40 pounds of fruit!

Peaches require full sunlight, plenty of water and loamy soil that is well-drained. Growers will need to remember to space out peach seedlings in order for the trees to blossom. Small trees can get away with being 10-12 feet apart from one another. 

Once orchard growers are done planting, they will need to practice caring for peaches and protecting them from deer and other wildlife. During the first few years, orchard owners can get away with using tree wraps to guard young trees. Then, they should upgrade to deer fencing around properties to rid deer from landscapes.

Deer management strategies are a must throughout the year to safely 

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