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New Electric Netting For Sale

Jenn Smith

Posted on July 23 2019

Electric Netting can be used to secure a variety of livestock animals including sheep, goats, pigs and chickens. Some pet owners may even choose to use electric nets to secure domestic dogs at home. Whatever the reason for the use, electric netting is easy to set up and manage. welcomes two more types of electric netting into the electric fence kit collection: 48" H Electric Poultry Netting 12/48/3 - Green, 82' L and a 48" H Electric Poultry Netting 12/48/3 - Green, 164' L.


  • Highly conductive stainless-steel conductors
  • Spacing from top to bottom is 4 strands at 2”; 3 strands at 4”; 2 strands at 6”; 2 strands at 8”
  • Double spiked step-in white fiberglass posts are built into the netting every 12’ for simple tool free installation and increased stability
  • 4 corner stakes are provided to properly brace the electric netting at the corners
  • Additional rolls of this fencing can be easily attached to each other creating larger electric netting enclosures

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