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Other Uses Of Garden Enclosures

Jenn Smith

Posted on April 02 2020

Garden enclosures create little garden jails and protect plants from swooping birds; squirrels; and everyday wildlife such as whitetails; but pet owners with cats may find other uses for garden enclosures.

After looking at the garden enclosure, cat owners may notice something special about them. They resemble catios, don't they? Catios include tops to keep out wildlife, but they are more box-shaped. This type of cat fence allows cats to play outdoors together - pouncing from level to level - but does not allow cats the freedom to roam as much as we'd like to see. 

Garden enclosures can be used to secure cats outside and will protect them from external wildlife cat predators, too. They are longer than catios and will allow cats more room to run and socialize with other companion pets. Ultimately, the difference lays in the mesh and lengths offered. They are great solutions for cat owners that want to see their cats play outside in a secure environment. 

Garden enclosures can be used for gardening purposes or for pet protection and playtime. The choice is yours!