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Other Uses Of Wildlife Fence

Jennifer Smith

Posted on December 17 2018

There are many types of fence on the market; and while chain-link fence is often used to fence in dogs, and electric fence to secure livestock, wildlife fencing can be used to protect pets and farm animals, too. Here are alternative reasons to purchase wildlife fencing. 

Wildlife fencing is mainly used to keep out deer and other critters that may destroy gardens; but fencing is used also to protect pets. In fact, most homeowners are more concerned about the safety of their children and pets rather than their landscape. Take a 6 foot high coyote fence for example. The steel fence can also be used as a dog fence for large dogs that may chew or dig in addition to protecting animals against coyote attacks.

Electric fencing can be used to secure livestock animals but it can also be used to keep out bears and white-tailed deer. Poly Fence can be used to keep out deer while also protecting small dogs from wildlife encounters. 

As you can see, there are many reasons to purchase wildlife fencing far beyond garden protection!