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Protect Christmas Tree Farms

Jennifer Smith

Posted on August 15 2018

In a recent poll, Americans announced that Christmas was in fact their favorite holiday; and what they love most about the holiday has nothing to do with presents; but with evergreen trees that symbolize Christmas Day. To protect America's favorite trees, Christmas tree farmers need to implement deer management strategies to keep Rudolph and the gang away from trees. Here's how to protect Christmas tree farms:

1. Tree Guards

While trees are young, tree farmers can use tree wraps around trees to prevent deer damage to the bark. During the fall, bucks will rub their antlers against trees to get rid of the dried-velvet on their antlers in preparation for the rut period. Tree protection is necessary during the first years of a trees life; but then more action is required.

2. Deer Fencing

Once trees begin to sprout, tree farmers should consider a more permanent solution for deer control. Installing a deer fence will prevent deer damage on all sides of the tree farm and will become less work in the long run rather than wrapping individual trees. 

Christmas Day is only 132 days away; and there's no reason why deer should get first dibs on Christmas trees this season. 

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