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Reminder: Coyote Attacks On Pets

Jennifer Smith

Posted on January 15 2019

A coyote attack on a pet in Warwick, Rhode Island reminds residents to be mindful of their pets when they go outside. 

The Warwick Police stated that a dog was attacked by a coyote last Wednesday. The dog, Moxie, later had to be euthanized from its injuries. 

"Justin Moore, who lives near the area where the dog was attacked, said coyotes have become a regular in his backyard." (Danielle Kennedy and Frank Maradiaga, NBC News 10)

“Usually, around 10 o’clock, you can hear a pack of coyotes in the backyard,” Moore told NBC 10 Thursday. “They just bark viciously.” 

While coyotes generally will not attack humans, they are known to attack small pets including dogs and cats. Pet owners will want to consider installing a coyote fence barrier to ward off coyotes and other vicious wildlife. 

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management said last year that coyotes could become bold and pose risks to small pets and humans. (NBC News 10)