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Summer Gardening Begins!

Jennifer Smith

Posted on June 21 2018

It's the first day of summer (June 21); and this is the moment that gardeners have been waiting for. It's time to get outside and grow a variety of fruits and veggies in time for BBQs and fourth of July celebrations. 

But, before gardeners dig into the soil, let's go over summer gardening tips:

Watering is key

The weather is hot - and as we approach summer - it will become hotter. Be sure to water plants with just the right amount of water. Do not over-or-under water flowerbeds; and try to apply water in the early morning hours before the hot rays shine down.

Prune Back

Remove dead leaves and foliage that may lead to the spread of plant disease. Pruning also gives plants a healthier look. 

Weed Control

Weeds can suffocate plants and kill them easily and quickly. Get your hands dirty; and pull weeds around flowers. Use weed spray to kill weeds, if necessary.

Prepare Soil For Planting

Fresh soil should be used around flowerbeds to complete the look of the garden and to give plants added nutrients for growth. 

Implement Deer Management Strategies

Now's the time to build deer fence in the yard that you have been holding off on all spring. Why plant flowers and vegetables in the garden without protection? Deer fencing will block browsing attempts from deer and other wildlife from eating the summer crops that you wish to have this season. 

It's time to act on gardening this first day of summer with the help from