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To Use Or Not: Deer Repellents

Jenn Smith

Posted on August 30 2019

Homeowners that have had enough of deer damage to homegrown fruits and vegetables usually turn to different deer management strategies to rid deer from lawns and gardens. Because home growers are usually looking for the most effective, but cheapest option, they turn to deer repellents. While it's great to take steps to keep deer at bay, deer repellents are not the best solution. Here's why.

Deer repellents work by applying granular powder or liquid to grass. The deer smell the repellent and are turned off by it, leading them to walk away. The problem is that after extreme heat exposure [in summer] or rain, snow, the repellent for deer resistance fades and becomes less effective. Therefore, homeowners are forced to re-apply the repellent at least once per month.

For a no-hassle approach to deer control, install a deer fence. The cost is more than deer repellents; however it is low maintenance and is proven to keep deer away from home gardens.