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Top Spring Garden Critters

Jennifer Smith

Posted on February 26 2019

Gardeners aren't the only ones excited about starting a garden and planting spring flowers. In fact, deer and other wildlife have their eyes on home gardens and are ready to eat all their hard work.

Here are the top wild animals to wreak havoc on home gardens in spring:

  • Deer: Whitetails roam in herds; and if homeowners see one, chances are, there are more close by. It's important to keep deer away from gardens, as they drop ticks on the yard and carry diseases such as Lyme Disease. Install a 7.5-8' foot high fence to keep deer away from plants. 
  • Bears: Bears are coming out of hibernation as early as March and April...and they are hungry. Plastic and metal fencing is not strong enough for bear deterrence. Therefore, an electric fence is the best approach to rid bears from landscapes. 
  • Coyotes: Coyote breeding season was in January; and homeowners will see coyote pups as early as March. While coyotes are not aggressive towards humans, coyotes tend to attack poultry, small rodents and pets. Keep coyotes away with a 6' feet high metal fence with PVC-coating. 
  • Rabbits/Groundhogs: Rabbit breeding season is going on now; which means that pregnant rabbits will deliver baby bunnies within 28-30 days! What's worse, groundhogs are exiting hibernation mode; and they are looking for vegetable gardens to feast. Both, rabbits and groundhogs, chew and burrow underneath fences. Trench a metal fence with PVC 6-12 inches under the ground to reduce the chances of burrowing/tunneling.