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Types Of Yard Fencing

Jennifer Smith

Posted on May 14 2018

There are many types of fences on the market; and choosing the right fence for your yard can be overwhelming. Read this to learn why some fences are better than others for your landscape, budget and needs.

Plastic Deer Fence

Poly Deer Fence is best used for areas with light to moderate deer pressure. This type of garden fence can be used against deer and other animals that will not chew. This fence is for the nosy animals. Plastic Fence for deer control can also be used for dog fencing to contain small and calm dogs. 

Metal Deer Fence

It is best to use a metal deer fence when dealing with chewing animals including rabbits, squirrels and ground hogs. Steel Hex Web and Welded Wire are preferred options for rodent control in the garden. Steel Hex Fence appears virtually invisible and the 1" x 1" mesh dimensions are small enough to stop chew marks from rabbits and other small critters. This type of metal fence can be buried in the ground at least 6" to prevent burrowing underneath the fence. This fence should be used to protect chickens from coyotes, as well.

Welded Wire Fence is the decorative approach to garden fencing. Like Steel Hex Web, wire fencing is also PVC-coating to prevent chew marks and can also be used as a pool fence. 

Metal deer fencing can also serve as dog fencing for large, rambunctious dogs that chew and dig. 

These fences are more humane for pets and will not harm wildlife in any way. They require less maintenance than deer repellents and will last for at least 10 years. They will not corrode like chain-link fences nor be a nuisance to install.