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Use Deer Warning Flags

Jennifer Smith

Posted on June 26 2018

Daytime deer vision is poor - we're talking 20/100; but in the nighttime, deer see very well - better than us. 

In the summer, doe sleep during the morning hours and then hunt for food in the afternoon and early evening when they can go undetected by predators and deer hunters. The bucks, however, will search for food in the morning hours and will visit home gardens to find the best tasting fruits and vegetables that the season has to offer. 

Because deer vision is poor for the majority of the day, deer will not be able to detect the black fence mesh color on the deer fence. Furthermore, if they are being chased by a predatory animal, they risk running into the fence at full speed. This is why adding white deer warning banners is necessary to all deer fences regardless of fence type. 

White-tailed deer are able to see the white color of the deer warning flag; and they will stop before hitting the fence. The reason the deer flags is white is because it symbolizes a deer's tail. When deer are scared, their tails stand up in full salute to inform other herd members of nearby danger. The same goes for the white warning banner.

This accessory is a must for all deer fences to stop deer from running into the fence.