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What Is a Black Coyote?

Jennifer Smith

Posted on February 12 2019

A few days ago, North Carolina performed a mass hunt which took out 149 coyotes including three rare black coyotes known as 'devil dogs.'

Devil dog black coyotes get their name because, well, they look meaner than regular coyotes - which can often be confused with medium sized dogs. They are not a separate species of coyotes; but do have a rare fur pattern. 

Coyotes live in North America and roam the plains, forests, mountains and deserts of Canada, the United States, Mexico and Central America.

Coyotes are nocturnal by nature, hunting for food in the late evening hours; however, residents in urban and rural environments have spotted them in the daytime, too. It's best to keep a distance from coyotes. While they typically will not attack humans, they are known to attack small pets and will lunge if they feel threatened and/or trapped.