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What Rabbits Eat In Winter

Jenn Smith

Posted on November 27 2019

After deer, rabbits are the most complained about wild animal among gardeners causing damage to their vegetable gardens. But, rabbits have to eat, too. 

In the warmer months of the year, rabbits will be found eating grasses, clover, wildflowers and vegetable plants - not just carrots; but when the weather turns from warm to cool, rabbits tend to eat the same types of foods as deer: twigs, buds, bushes, bark, conifer needles and remaining greenery.

Therefore, gardeners growing arborvitae in late fall-early winter (a type of conifer tree), or winter vegetable crops, will need to pay attention to the types of wildlife sniffing around their gardens and install fencing, if necessary. To rid rabbits from gardens, it will be best to use a metal fence between 2-3 feet high. Rabbits hop; but they don't jump like deer. They will burrow in the ground and dig holes, though. 

Rabbits need to eat; but it doesn't have to be from our gardeners. Growers that want to help feed rabbits during the winter can set out pelleted rabbit food; but be prepared to see multiple rabbits in the yard in upcoming months.