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What We Know About Omnivores

Jennifer Smith

Posted on October 30 2018

Omnivores include mammals that are considered hunters and gatherers such as bears, pigs, squirrels raccoons, and some birds. These types of animals eat both plants and animals.

Bears, for one hunt small mammals for food; but will not decline an invite to a garden full of fresh berries, fruits, vegetables and of course, honey. Chickens, medium sized omnivores, are considered hunters, as their diet ranges from berries and insects to small rodents. Coyotes (hunters) also prey on chickens.

Large, medium and small omnivores are found in all parts of the United States in all climate types. Generally, these wild animals search for animals or plants for food; without bothering humans. For garden protection, and pet protection against wildlife, it's best to fence out wildlife.

After all, the 'Circle of Life' doesn't have to be in your backyard.