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What's Eating Your Flowers?

Jennifer Smith

Posted on May 29 2018

Wake up and smell the roses, you have a critter problem in the garden; and it won't correct itself on its own. Based on the animal destroying your flowerbed, you will need a specific fence type and height. Here are a few general rules to follow:

Poly Deer Fence

Plastic Deer Fence are best used against animals that do not chew and dig. This is for the 'curious' deer or animal that will mosey around the fence in an attempt to reach crops. Poly Deer Fence also serve as a dog fence for small, calm dogs and can be used to protect puppies from wildlife encounters. 

Metal Deer Fence

Most property owners seem to go this route. For gardeners with a heavy deer problem or those dealing with coyote and rabbit damage, go with a steel deer fence to block chewing attempts. 

Let's be honest, size matters; and if home growers get the wrong fence material or height, they will feel the damaging effects from wildlife. Here are the best fence heights based on animal damage:

Deer: 7.5-8' 

Coyote: 6'

Armadillos/Rabbit/Groundhog: 2-3' (plus 12-24 inches for trenching to stop burrowing)

Bear: Electric fencing*

So, what animal is bothering you? Let us know; and we will come to the rescue!

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