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Where Are Ticks In Canada?

Jennifer Smith

Posted on May 20 2019

Ticks are not just a U.S. problem. In fact, the tick epidemic is a global issue. For now, we will focus on Canada. 

There are 40 tick species in Canada with tick activity spanning across mostly all provinces. Here are the top areas for tick movement in Canada:

1) Southern British Columbia
2) Southeastern and South-central Manitoba 
3) Southern Quebec 
4) Southern, Eastern and Western Ontario 
5) Parts of Nova Scotia 
6) Southern New Brunswick and Grand Manan Island

The rise of ticks in Canada has grown exponentially over the past decade with 144 cases of tick bites occurring in 2009 up to 992 in 2016. The results could be due to climate change and the fact that white-tailed deer and rodents carry ticks with Lyme Disease may be moving northbound for cooler weather. 

To protect family members and pets against tick diseases, homeowners are advised to keep deer away from landscapes with deer fencing and other deer management strategies in spring and summer when tick movement is at its prime. The idea is simple: If homeowners can keep deer away from yards then they can reduce the chance of a tick bite.