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Deer Eyesight: Good Or Bad?

Jennifer Smith

Posted on April 24 2018

So, is deer eyesight good or bad?

Deer have poor vision, 20/100, in fact; and because they cannot see well during daytime hours, deer may or may not determine what structure is in front of them as easily as at night. To make matters worse, white-tailed deer cannot see the color black well; a problem for deer fence suppliers like 

This is why adding white warning flags to deer fencing is a must. If deer are being chased by a coyote or other wildlife predator, it's possible that they will run full speed into the garden fence if they cannot detect its presence. Adding white deer warning flags is easy and helps the deer see that a structure is in front of them before them ram it. 

The deer warning banners will need to be placed 3-4" off the ground for best results. If fence installers add the warning banners at the top, the deer will catch on that this is how high they must jump to clear the structure. (Don't help them out too much when they are trying to reach your flowerbeds.)

When buying fence accessories, it's best to add these affordable and effective deer flags.