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Why Buy Metal Fence With PVC

Jenn Smith

Posted on January 07 2020

There are many types of fence on the market for garden management and livestock protection against wildlife; however, not all types of fence are created equally. While chicken owners are quick to turn to a hexagonal metal fence to protect flock from coyotes and other wildlife, they may fail to buy steel fence that contains PVC coating. And, we aren't just targeting the chicken owners. Gardeners are quick to buy the cheapest type of fence for gardens - especially if large acreage is involved. Here is why it's best to buy a PVC coated metal fence. 

Metal fencing is great for ridding deer and small critters from lawns, gardens and farms; however without PVC coating, the fence may become brittle and not be as strong or long-lasting as one hopes.

PVC coating acts as a secondary layer of protection from chew marks, scratches and dents. The plastic coating also keeps fences strong from environmental impacts including sun, rain and snow. This means that without the PVC coating, steel fences may corrode and become a hazard for all types of animals. 

PVC metal fences for sale, such as welded wire, are stronger than some other types of metal fence on the market and will create a clean-cut look on landscapes as the black PVC coating blends into surroundings.