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Why Fencing Is Best For Deer Control

Jennifer Smith

Posted on May 10 2019

There are many products on the market that claim that they are the best to rid deer from landscapes; but here's the truth, cheaper isn't always better - and it usually isn't. 

Deer Repellents, including predator urine, are easy to use and inexpensive; however, they are recommended to use for secondary barriers around a deer fence. The problem with repellents and animal urine are that they become less effective after heavy rains and extreme heat exposure. This requires more maintenance and upkeep from the homeowner; and as a homeowner with multiple chores, do we really want to add one more thing to remember and add to our list of things to do? I think not.

Deer fencing is more expensive than using deer repellents and coyote/wolf urine; however, once the fence is installed, there is less maintenance work and stress on the homeowner. Deer fencing will last at least 10 years outside and will not break down from climate change.

Growing deer-resistant flowers and using repellents and predator pee are best to do as a secondary task around fencing. You'll see.