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Why Use Deer Flags?

Jennifer Smith

Posted on April 17 2019

Drive pass a deer fence and you may notice these hanging white pieces of tape in the middle of the fence. At the time, you may have thought "hmm, well okay then;" but do you actually know why deer flags are used on a fence?

Deer flags, also known as white warning banners, are one of the most important accessories to buy for deer fence. You see, deer have poor daytime vision compared to nighttime, at 20/100. This makes it difficult for them to see the black color of the fence well enough to stop before running into it. However, they can see the bright white flag that will hang on the fence.

The white color on the deer warning flag symbolizes a deer's tail. When a deer's tail goes up, herd members know that danger is near. The same goes for a fence. When deer see the white color they think "danger" and will stop before approaching the structure. 

Deer flags need to be centered in the fence, not at the top. If flags are at the top of the fence, it will help them gauge how tall the structure is for them to attempt a jump.