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Why Use Fence Stakes?

Jenn Smith

Posted on November 19 2019

When installing fence, some accessories are worth the extra investment. Ground stakes, for one, are important when thinking about digging animals that may try to sneak their ways into gardens from the bottom. 

Staking down fence is easy and does not take long to do. Stakes can be grounded using a hammer and can be placed inside or outside of the fence line about 5 feet apart from each other.

Keeping fence lines down with kinked or rebar ground stakes will block digging deer, rabbits, gorundhogs and other nosy critters. They are also useful for keeping pet fence down to stop digging dogs from escaping. 

There are two types of ground stakes: Kinked and Rebar; and the type chosen will depend on soil types. For homeowners with smooth soils, consider Kinked Ground Stakes; while those with hard, rocky surfaces will need Rebar Hooked Ground Stakes.