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Why Use Ground Stakes

Jennifer Smith

Posted on May 07 2018

When deer see a garden fence full of freshly planted flowers, their first thought is 'How do I get to these delicious goods?' Deer have poor frontal vision (especially in the daytime); so they will not attempt a jump unless being chased by a predatory animal. But, they will try to dig underneath the fence. If the fence is not staked down, then wild animals will be able to reach crops from the ground up.

This is why staking down the fence with ground stakes is a good idea to stop deer from lifting the fence up with their snouts. Fence stakes also stop burrowing animals from reaching crops - including rabbits and groundhogs - that mainly burrow rather than jump. 

Fence stakes come in Kinked or Rebar; and the type of ground stake used depends on the grower's soil type. For smooth soil, choose Kinked Ground Stakes; and for rocky or hard surfaces, choose Rebar Ground Stakes.