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Why Use Predator Pee

Jennifer Smith

Posted on May 04 2018

Deer may wander onto lawns and gardens like they own the place; but if they think bears, coyotes and wolves are nearby, they will run for the hills. 

Gardeners should consider applying predatory pee on lawns, as a secondary barrier around a garden fence. The scent of coyote pee and wolf pee go undetected by humans; but the scent is strong enough for white-tailed deer that will make them feel uneasy about the area. 

Animal urine is 100% pure; and can be applied in the yard - but not on plants. The reason why growers should not rely on using animal pee alone is because it becomes less effective after heavy rains, snow storms or extreme heat exposure during the summer months. Gardeners will need to reapply after 30 days for the predator urine to be used effectively.

This is a great repellent to rid deer from gardens.