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Winter Gardening Tips

Jennifer Smith

Posted on December 12 2018

Winter is challenging for many gardeners across the country who deal with frigid temperatures, frost and snow; however, there are ways to combat the cold this winter and protect plants for the next growing season. Here's what you should know.


Winter is all about warmth and how to keep plants warm. To protect plants, gardeners can move some plants indoors in potted plants. They can also move plants to cold frames to store until the next growing period; or simply place blankets over the plants to insulate them. Whatever technique is decided, warmth is the most important thing to consider this winter for plant care. 


Perennial plants, such as roses, will also need to be pruned back to protect the buds from cold damage and plant diseases. Fruit growers with trees will need to prune back tree limbs for the same reason.

Deer Control

Wildlife will be poking around landscapes in search for food; so, it is critically important to protect winter crops from damage with deer fencing. Planting deer-resistant plants will be possible in spring, as well as using deer sprays (although less effective than other deer management strategies); so, for year-round protection, the best method for deer control is fence.

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