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Woman, Dog Recover From Deer Attack

Jennifer Smith

Posted on June 04 2019

A woman and her dog in Ohio were attacked in their own front yard by a doe that was protecting her fawn. 

"I said no, no, no, it's okay, like I'm going, but she didn't like that," explained Gabby Koshar, describing the encounter.

The woman was kicked in the back multiple times by the deer. Her dog, Maggie, needed surgery to survive injuries. Maggie was already blind in one eye before the attack.

"This incision is where they had to re-stitch in the muscles to her ribs because all the muscles in between her ribs were ripped off," explained Koshar.

This incident is a reminder not to approach deer on properties, nor baby deer. Doe usually leave their young in the morning and afternoon to search for foods and will come back for them later. Fawns are usually not hurt or abandoned; rather, they are hiding from predatory animals and homeowners. DO NOT FEED THE DEER.