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Grow For Wildlife In Backyard

Jenn Smith

Posted on July 08 2019

Gardeners are at a crossroad. They want to grow organically for their families without wildlife damage; however, they feel badly for animals and want to help them survive. So, what can be done?

Making backyards wildlife friendly

Growing food for wildlife can be easy and fun. Accommodating wildlife in the backyard can be as simple as planting foods for deer away from the better tasting crops. Deer love the taste of soybeans, corn, apples, snap peas and various nuts. These types of plants can be grown away from vegetable gardens; flower beds; and fruits.

For growers more interested in planting pollinating flowers, consider planting aster, sunflowers, garlic, peppers, thyme, magnolia and cilantro. These pollinating plants will help butterflies, bees, bats and hummingbirds survive, while keeping away deer!

There are many ways to keep the peace with wildlife while helping to feed them. Click here for more summer gardening tips.